Fintec Global Berhad

Fintec Global Berhad was founded in year 2007 under the name of Asia Bioenergy Technologies Berhad primarily focused to gather and link talents, technology, capital and industrial know-how to leverage on entrepreneurial talents and accelerate the developments of new start-up companies in the bioenergy sector.

From the date of our incorporation, we have grown from strength to strength despite the everchanging economic landscape to become a primary Incubator for a list of diversified public and private entities in Malaysia ranging from renewable energy, engineering, financial application technology, multimedia solutions, food and beverage, oil and gas, information technology, and the agriculture industry. We have significantly enhanced their respective daily operations and improved their companies fortune via the channelling of our professional expertise.

We have since changed our organization’s name from Asia Bioenergy Technologies Berhad to Fintec Global Berhad in the year 2017 to align with our current ambition and determination to continue our growth and influence in the global arena whilst being ever ready to collaborate with new Incubates who shares the same desire and hunger to grow with us.


The Group has outlined and added investment and investing strategy that would focus on investing in public listed companies and forming business partnerships and alliances between them to draw synergies and ultimately create value for our shareholders. This is in line with our formation as a think-tank, profit-orientated organization that is able to nurture and develop technologies, concepts and ideas and transform them into viable business ventures. Our Objective for the next ten years is to focus on the core strength of our investee companies and lay foundations for the bridges that would benefit our Group. After All, at Fintec, we believe not in reinventing the wheel, but adding spokes to what works.

Biomass Conversion

Microbial Agriculture Applications


Solar IPP Infrastructure

Our Incubatees

The Group's current investment focuses on 6 Key Industries:

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Investment Proposal

"To be considered for funding, please send a full business plan to

The business proposal does not need to be long or fancy but should address the main points we’ve articulated. We like concise, four-to-six-page summaries that address our key questions in the form of a business plan or presentation.

Every business proposal submitted will be reviewed. Due to the volume of plans and materials, we may take a few weeks to get back to you.”

* Page summaries shall include your company’s name, business nature, project status, projections and assumptions. Remember to attached together you company profile.